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For simplicity sake and to urge you to actually read this, the privacy policy and terms of service (tos) are summarized below in short simple notes:


1. All content on this site is provided as is.

2. Comments on this site are disabled. (Until further noice)

3. All promoted content is shared across social media on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube and links to these social media accounts are always available at the bottom of this site. You will see them as social icons.

4. To see Upload fees and all Current Promotional Fees click on UploadSONG in the Menu or Down below.

5. And lastly if you have any questions or seek any kind of help concerning this site click on Contact us below

6. Views are now active for all song posts! See how songs are tracking and let’s support one another if you love music enjoy it to your heart’s content.


1. We currently run ads (or advertisement on this site) to help grow and maintain this site and so our site will load cookies into your browser to help facilitate ads that will be beneficial to both you and us and not be inappropriate.

2. These cookies are provided by the thrid party vendors which in this case is Google via Google AdSense Services. If you wish to learn more about this visit this link:

PLEASE NOTE that this statement is liable to change at any time when updates are made to this website regarding any privacy concerns.

Until then… 

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